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If you are new to my page WELCOME! My name is Olivia I am a mother of 3 handsome little boys and I am the designer and owner of Sister Sun Jewelry.
I have dabbled in jewelry making and gemstone collecting as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to spend my vacation souvenir money on little polished gems from the little gift shops attached to each attraction we visited. I played around with wire and beads (whatever metal wire and plastic beads the local craft store had in stock - since then I've thankfully graduated to sterling silver, gemstones, and crystal). I gained some great exposure selling at local craft fairs in 2008, and continued to grow!
When my first child was born in 2010, I found I wanted to work from home to stay with him, and I decided to combine those childhood experiences and make a full  career of it. Sister Sun Jewelry was in full swing! Now I get to spend my days hunting for the most beautiful stones, and figuring out how to turn them into the most beautiful jewelry. I've never had any formal training - just many many hours of practice and trial and error! (Which by the way still happens when I'm learning a new technique!)
Here is my little ( Big ) Family <3

So please feel free to browse my shop, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.​
-Olivia Steeves



I am located in  NB, Canada 

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