Tear Drop Baltic Amber  | Ring
Tear Drop Baltic Amber  | Ring
Tear Drop Baltic Amber  | Ring
Tear Drop Baltic Amber  | Ring
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Tear Drop Baltic Amber | Ring

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Check out those inclusions!

                   An absolutely breathtaking sterling silver ring featuring a beautiful                            honey Amber gemstone 
This ring features a  unique rare find of Baltic Amber gemstone showcasing several natural flakes.


Each ring is cut, filed, soldered and shaped by hand. Made of 100% Sterling Silver. 

 Gemstone + Bezel measure: 34x25mm

Size:7.5 ( can be size to a 8.5)




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About amber: Amber - fossilized resin. This organic mineral that exists has set Boil coniferous plants. It consists of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Resinous pine forests grew. Warmer climate, they say, began to flow on the ground, mingled with it hardens. The resin from the forest soil washed river and carry her into the sea. Eventually, oxidation and polymerization processes, the resin was transformed to the current amber. Boil flowing trunk, stuck to their plants, insects and other animal remains, and formed inclusions. Amber size from 1-2 mm to 1 meter long ingots weighing up to 10 kg. Amber can take many forms: the drop-shaped or icicle-shaped amber appeared Boil the escape to the surface. Amber beauty awakened the imagination of people. According to legend, it is the sea goddess Jurate broken remains of the castle after the Thunder god punished it for the love of a simple fisherman Kestutis.

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