Natural Chrysocolla | Cuff bracelet

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Simple and versatile, our Stoned cuff is an easy favorite and of the utmost quality. Make a subtle statement wearing it alone or simply layer with our other bracelets for a more playful look. It's a classic that will never go out of style.



 natural AA Grade Natural Chrysocolla cabochon (35x28mm). The Natural Chrysocolla is set in a exquisite sterling silver crown bezel setting. 
Gorgeous swirls and ripples of electric bright blue, greens and teal with a touch of bronze dances in the light! A wonderful stone to add to your crystal collection -
Each piece is cut, filed, soldered and shaped by hand. Made of 100% Sterling Silver. 
 Turquoise + Bezel: 29x 22mm


The most sought after, and therefore expensive, Chrysocolla gemstones are the bright blue or green ones with turquoise and teal being the favored hues. The color is caused by the presence of copper in the mineral composition of the gemstone when forming.

Chrysocolla is very rarely found in its purest blue or green form – it would be too soft and crumbly – but is usually mixed up with other minerals such as quartz, chalcedony and even opal. This combination not only makes it a bit more durable but also adds other swirls and patches of color and pattern to enhance the gemstone’s looks.



Size : Inside cuff length is  6.1/2 "with 1" gap. (This cuff is on the smaller size,( but could fit average size)  so please measure your wrist to see how a total circumference of 7 -1/5" fits you. Generally anyone that takes an 8-inch bracelet this will fit as well. ✨