Color & Soul - Rattlesnake Calathea Collection | Original Artwork

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Color & Soul 
 The inspiration for these collections have come from a place of not having a favorite color. When asked what my favorite color was as a child I definitely bounced from one color to the next. Now I find myself in my mid thirties, and I don't have a favorite color. What I do have is a sense of emotional connection to colors.
What we experience as color is the interaction between light and darkness. You know more about color than you believe you do. You're unconscious mind already knows about color and selects the colors that express something about you and your interstate. For example, how many times have you taken a shirt out of your drawer, put it on, and thought, "wrong color for today! " and then replaced it with a shirt of another color.
You might not have been able to analyze why that was but you instinctively knew that the replacement color was right because it " felt better".
Just like the emotions you get when you hear a certain tune or pitch in music ; we tend to feel the same with color. It affects the emotions on many levels.
 8x10 and the mattes are 11x14