Cantera Fire Opal + Moonstone - Size: 8 | Ring

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Gorgeous Swirls Of Color


The detailing is perfect.

 The detailing is perfect.

You will be starting at this all day!

Fire Opal can be generally found in volcanic rock formations near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The Opal has bold colors that swirls and sparkles. Surrounding the Opal is a crown bezel, detailed designs. The stunning gemstone sits on top a beaded detail band.

Accompanying the Opal is a stunning Faceted Moonstone! The moonstones are completely natural and absolutely beautiful. Some have a subtle, light blue hue, others are milky white, and others like this one sparkle with rainbows! Moonstone is historically known to be a powerful gem that brings intuition and balance into ones life. It brings harmony into ones life, alleviating fears associated with change. It is also known to contain sacred feminine energies, making it a strong protective stone.

Each ring has been handcrafted from sterling silver. Each ring is cut, filed, soldered and shaped by hand. Made of 100% Sterling Silver. 

 Gemstone + Bezel measure:
18 x14mm Moonstone + 15x11mm( Opal)32x20mm
Size: 8
( can  be sized up 9)


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