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May 10, 2018

In the mystical world of astrology lies a gemstone we all commonly refer to as Moonstone. Moonstone isn’t something out of the ordinary. This hidden treasure brings with it a plethora of healing properties, alongside health and wellness benefits for the mind, body and soul. 

The energy of moonstone is rare to find anywhere else in the world, giving it an array of distinct and innovative properties. Moonstone is able to allow individuals to get back into being the best version of themselves with a force that is so energetic yet captivating at the same time. And if you happen to be surrounded by darkness all around, there’s no better remedy than moonstone.

Come and enter into the beautiful world of crystal healing where we explore the hidden and vast benefits of this gemstone. From questions related to the true meaning of moonstone to its astonishing benefits being uncovered, we are your comprehensive guide into the world of discovering moonstone crystals. Let’s take a look.


Moonstone holds a great meaning, all locked sacredly below a pearl-toned veil. Moonstone is as old as the moon itself, showing us how generations have benefited from its true purpose.

Moonstone holds a mystery which only after being reflected with light can one start to understand its numerous teachings for us all. Looking at moonstone gem makes one realize that they are being encompassed deeply into a search to find out anything missing from their existence.

Moonstone is renowned for being the rock of a new start or new beginning. As one can probably make out from the name itself, moonstone has the great connection to our concept of the moon and any intuition related to it as well.

It should also be made clear that this gorgeous gem is first and foremost a stone of the woman. It has direct link with the renowned Mother Goddess. This gemstone is a constant reminder that we must begin to understand that as the moon undergoes the natural cycle or process of waxing and waning, we humans must follow the same.

The great moonstone has many at times been referred to as Wolf’s Eye, the Fish Eye and also the Water Opal. For many ancient traditions and civilizations, it has been long considered to possess insoluble energies that are associated with the moon.

In Indian tradition, Moonstone is referred to as Chandrakanta. It is termed a holy and sacred glorious stone that should only be unveiled against a yellow toned cloth. The Indian traditions also hold moonstone accountable for supreme occult powers, known to bestow huge amounts of good fortune and glad tidings, as well as the power to witness one’s future.



Whenever an individual begins to call upon moonstone, it starts to unlock the aforementioned Goddess that exists within one’s inner spirit. This, in turn, leads to a channeling of waves in the form of illuminating bright white moonbeams onto your pathway, giving you a seamless mixture of both harmony as well as peace.

Slowly yet surely, moonstone crystal manages to open the heart’s chakra, making it more receptive as well as more in tune with one’s inner feelings. Similar to the notion of sea waves hitting onto the beach’s shoreline, alongside a constant push and pull of tides, one begins to get right back on track into their natural rhythm. Soon every human begins to explore and discover the numerous hidden treasures buried deep within themselves.

Every moonstone gem is a constant reminder to individuals about their miracle of existence and life in this world as well as the endless possibilities present in this distinct universe.

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